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Since the inception of the journal, SeaChanges, a team of 4 people have served as the editorial collective.

Angela Coco


Anita Monro

was the Treasurer for the first Women Scholars of Religion and Theology Conference in Brisbane in 1998. At the time, she was a doctoral student of Elaine Wainwright at Griffith University. She meet Elaine at the 1992 Concurrent Religion and Theology Conferences in Melbourne where a meeting of women from the southern Asian and Pacific region determined to form an organisation to promote women's scholarship in the areas of religion and theology. Since being awarded her PhD in 1999, Anita has taught at several theological schools in Australia including United Theological College (Sydney) which is affiliated with Charles Sturt University. Anita is currently the Principal of Grace College, a residential college auspiced by the Uniting and Presbyterian churches to provide a collegiate environment for young women attending university in Brisbane. Grace College sponsors an annual Women's Theology Conference. Anita is an Honorary Research Senior Fellow of the School of History and Philosophical Inquiry at The University of Queensland.

Kathleen McPhillips

lectures in sociology and anthropology at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Prior to this she held positions at Western Sydney University and ANU, Canberra. Kathleen has published extensively in the field of women and religion and currently teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students across feminist theology, the sociology of religion and gender, and sociological methodologies and post-secular politics. She has been an editor of the Journal for the Academic Studies in Religion (2000-2009), President of the Australian Association for the Study of Religion (2008) and is on the International Editorial board of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and Women-Church: An Australian Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion (1996-2004). Kathleen was Treasurer of the Australian Feminist Theology Foundation (2000-2006)  and on the Executive Committee of Women Scholars of Religion and Theology. She is currently Managing Editor of Seachanges journal.

Elaine Wainwright

Elaine Wainwright is Professor Emerita of the University of Auckland where she lectured in biblical studies, in particular New Testament and a range of interpretive perspectives including feminist, postcolonial and ecological. She is also committed to the development of biblical studies in the regions of Oceania and Asia as a founding member of OBSA (Oceania Biblical Studies Association) and currently the President of SABS (Society of Asian Biblical Studies). She is a member of the Editorial Board of The Bible and Critical Theory. Her most recent research is an ecological commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, Habitat, Human and Holy, which will be published by Sheffield Phoenix. She was a founding and ongoing member of WSRT and a member of the Editorial Board of Seachanges, its journal.

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